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I know the bubbles go up
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Tuesday, June 1st, 2010
7:39 pm
Thinking of you
My Cat Nikki died last night.
I feel like I let her down. She was a good cat for 11 years. She was refered to as sickly.
She had snot coming out of her nose constantly and would often throw up her food. (did she eat it too quickly I don't know)

She had a puff on the side of her mouth. It wasn't painfull to her as far as I could tell.
Anywho, we had not Seen her for the day so I went looking for her after BBQ at the inlaws. I found her in pretty bad shape. She died not 15 minutes later. Around 9pm.
Tuesday, December 15th, 2009
7:35 pm
What's this about 2 to 3 months?
I joined Fbook and am currently playing travian, not torpia so much.
I also started playing Mafia wars, with my friend KJ.

I went on an interview and got the job but they ducked the price. I was expecting them to come in at 15 and I was going to push it to 18, plus commissions, but now they are dropping it to 11, plus commission. I really can't do it at that price. Not worth the opportunity cost.
But It felt good to go on an interview, felt solid felt good. They asked me if I had kids. I know they are not suppose to ask that but I don't know what it means.

Maybe it is only bad if they don't offer me a job. :)

Currently helping a friend out. I am still on the SFV association. That takes up some time.
I have a meeting tomorrow night. I am also meeting a vendor on site.

Should be fun.

I have so many things I should be doing, and I just don't make the time, or just don't do it. I think about it and still don't do it. That can't be good.

Well I am off.

If you read this and have my number. Give me a call. I have not heard from you in a while.

Current Mood: blah
Thursday, September 10th, 2009
3:44 am
Again about a month

Not that I wasn't hear to check in on things, I just didn't post.

Its 3:45 in the morning.

I started playing a game called Torpia. It takes up much of my time but it has also helped me get motivated.

I am working hard at locating opportunities. I'm a little discourage, one of the locations I am really interested in keeps posting the job I have at the top of my list, yet I am not receiving any call backs.

I will keep working at it.
Wednesday, August 5th, 2009
11:52 am
kids getting sick
Sierra has been sick the last 2-3 weeks. This week mostly getting over it.
I got a sore throat and was miserable a few days. I think I was only suffering 10 days vs her 21 days. I realize we need to make some changes.
We need to have a policy in place to handle our kids getting sick, and thus spreading it round and around the family.

I don't fully understand this re infecting bit. Sierra is convinced that the same germs go from one family memember to another and back again. Don't you build up an immunity so when it comes back it is defeated quickly. She says it mutates by then but I don't have any data. I would think it would mutate over time and population, but not just within a family. I am not saying I am right, I'm just saying it doesn't sound right.

Thank you for the comments. I am researching the coworking idea. I like it and I think many people do it in the form of Executive suites, but those are costly and I think this is more scaled down. I am definiatly going to put it on my list of possibilitites. More research is needed.

My garage is still a work in progress. I need a little bit more paint and I need to deal with the floor. It has two good size cracks in it and I need to figure out if I am going to break it up and replace the section or if I am just going to manage a patch over it. There was a suggestion for indoor out door carpet. That might work. I will have to figure something out in the next month or so. (hopefully sooner, I want to get this off my docket so I can concentrate on other opportunities.

I'm currently in Pasadena, workign on my Linked in, and researching companies I would like to work at or for. It has been exciting and I hope something developes sooner then later.


Current Mood: determined
Tuesday, August 4th, 2009
7:12 am
about a month

It has been over a month.

Looking for work can be challenging. I have a few opportunities coming up and I hope they work out. I don't want to be out of work much longer.

I started to put more effort into finding an opening. I need to kick it in high gear and start talking to more people.


Family summons.
Wednesday, July 1st, 2009
9:47 pm
Being out of work
It always seems like there is something else to do.

My kids are sick. I went to the Lawyer and spoke with him, said I likely would have a case but I would have trouble proving it. So he advised just to take the money and move on.

Sounds about par for the course. Maybe I should be my own lawyer. Who has the time.

I read Malcom gladwells outliers. Very interesting. supposively I have an iq of 123, which is pretty freaking cool, but apparently I don't have either the drive or opportunity to apply it. Just having a decent Iq does not predict having a good live. Which I have had for the most part. I just haven't applied myself in all areas. There has just been so much to do and I spend my time working on my house. I suppose my time has been miss applied.

I have been working on my resume and working on my Soar and other statements to build a communication plan. It has been a challenge. My wife has been very difficult and not very understanding.She is of the mind that you just go out and get a job. Go figure, she hasn't had to do that. But I hope I can get a job sooner then later. I am burning through my reserves. It isn't a good feeling but it is what it is. I just have to figure out what I want to do and see how I can work toward that goal.

The outliers book has been motivating. Or perhaps its all the caffine I have been consuming working on the garage. (getting there, I need to get some sanding done and some top coat and we will be ready to paint. Go go gadget paint.

Next week we go on vacation so I am concerned about how much progress I am going to make but that is fine. I don't want to stress. I have my LHH until 7/22, which should give me about a week more or so.

I should try and get some stuff done in the next day or two.


Ps the kids got the summer fever, all the kids baring maggie were sick just fever, not TU.

Current Mood: not fast enough
Wednesday, June 24th, 2009
11:26 am
Progress? Whats that
I am not sure what I want to do. I think I would like to write a book but I don't think I have the skills for it.

I'm still working on the garage. The mormon room is mudded sanded and primered. we are debating on putting an actual coat of paint on it. Does it need it?

The garage, has most of the seems mudded. Not all. I thought I was going to get some extra help from some friend but it doesn't look good. Next week I need to feed the animals on the farm.

I have watched a few things on Job searches. It seems it is all about networking. Something I have not allocated enough time too.

About 5 % according to them are from Want adds and the like and 60-70% are from personal referal for a job. some 15-20% are internal, and the rest are created for an individual.

My wife is getting stressed. She just trf 4k to pay bills. I have fing idea why we have that much in bills, but what are you going to do, it is what it is.

I wouldn't mind doing something different. The question is how much do I need to make? It would be nice to make more then what I was making, I am worth more, but how do you prove it to people you don't know. They often want you to have certain things memorized. It doesn't matter how fast you can look things up or how quickly you intuitively solve issues.

My main strenght is getting along with people in a work enviroment and getting to the bottom of an issue. Making people feel good.

Ah, well I suppose it is time... who said I can't do more then one thing at a time.

Wish me luck.

I told sierra about my ide to write 6 books with each book having a chapter from the others.
She thought it was dumb and laughed at me. Nice support.

I dont' really feel supported by my wife. She tries sometimes but she have a different work eithic then I do, and our sense of fairness is completely out of sync. I guess that is what financial times do, bring out the best in people. She smacking the kids more, I got on her case about it, and you can tell she doesn't like doing it but she was actually defending herself, and was trying to compare it to my spanking the kids. When I spank I inform them they are getting a spanking they assume the position and then they get 3 swats. Soft medium or hard, depending ont he offense.

It's not a mystery as to why the kids listen to me more.

Anywho, back to my job search.

Any Telecom and or Network Jobs let me know. I'm not tied to these, so if you know me and know what I can do I'm open to new challenges.

Current Mood: My fault
Sunday, June 14th, 2009
9:13 am
Small world
Well I have seen a few jobs I think I would like to do. I don't know what to expect, I need to get my LHH stuff completed. I think it will be very helpful.

Today I plan on going down the hill to play some board games with friends. It should be fun.
Next week it will be nose to the grind stone. Grind out my communication plan and work desires. It's hard when even I don't know what I want. Police? CHP? Management? Grunt?
Start a new business? Where is my heart. What is my desire. Even I don't know.

I think I would like to get a job up the hill, but then I wouldn't be able to visit any of my friends. Even when I get down the hill, things come up. I had a bDay get together and from all the people invited 2 were able to attend. It is sad, but even I understand things come up so I am fully understanding. Plus taste of texas is good with friends and without. My parents where there and my boys were too.

I am still working on the garage. I have 98% of the drywall up, some trim and corner bead for the windows and the corners. Then on to mudding and sanding. Then painting.

Hopefull I can punch that out in the next 10 days. I need to go over and help Ken with his fence. Putting on ties and the like, to hold the fence to the poles.

I wish I knew a laywer, I could use some help with the severance package. I have 10 days to sign it.

Anywho, on with my day.

Current Mood: sore
Thursday, June 4th, 2009
10:23 am
Way Way Back
Looks like my last post was May 5th.

So much has changed.

I have thought several times to come here and post. To get my thoughts out.

I lost my Job May 19th. I have been working on my garage and sending out a few resumes. Today I am planning to start my Lee Heckt Harrison transition training. I think they will help with my resume and with interview training. Can you believe I have not been on an interview in over 10 years?, ok maybe just under.

It doesn't matter how good a job you do, if you make management look bad they are going to short list you. But then again I'm told it isn't criminal to be a bad manager. They fired a few people that were critical to several jobs they were working on. They had to hire them back as subcontractors or lose the contract. They are going to outsource my job, and pile on my only counter part. The parent company is asking for the sub company that I worked for several million dollars back. The sub company is bitter about it and making poor decissions in response, but that goes back to the lead statement. Lost of resentment all around I suppose. The atmosphere wasn't very good and I am looking forward to finding another Job and doing something else. Some place where I can excel. I was being a bit held back there in either case. No managment openings and too many CCNP's to step up on that playing field.
I will see what is out there and decide where I want to go. There are a few interesting positions that I have already applied for but I don't think I'm doing it in a very proffessioal manner.

In either case I think I need to get a pdf of my resume. Need to d/l or purchase the software.
I'm currently using open office to write all my stuff up. As luck would have it my 20" monitor died. I think it just needs a few parts replaced, but I'm not up to speed on that. Do I need to replace some capacitors. The screen goes on and you can see the image as it gets bigger then disappears. I think it is repairable, but what do I know.

In either case my Birthday is next week. I will be 35. My good friend Z just turned 35 so I need to call him and say happy b day.

I just found out today that our request for Birth certificates, they have not cashed our check. So I was thinking those were comming soon, may be delayed. I need the birth Certificates to get my kids on Wic. When it rains it poors I suppose.

Current Mood: the good times
Tuesday, May 5th, 2009
6:53 pm
Breaking the rules
Well I told myself to post even if I had nothing to say. I had tons to say and still no post. I should penalize myself.

about a week after the last post on the 19th I went out to austin for Netqos symposium that was really cool. Got to see U23d Buenos Aries. Pretty cool. I almost got bit by a baby Rattle Snake that was pretty cool too, but I didn't get a picture. (stupid me) To busy running for that 1-2 seconds for my brain to understand it was a snake and wasn't going to chase me. (not that snakes don't chase people)


In either case there has been alot going on.
I helped ken put up a fence that incloses slightly more then an Acre. I helped with the awnings that will give the llamas shade.
We have to put up a metal building next.

I have to go,

I have been playing games on pogo -hate it
Puerto rico online at PHIAL -Love it
and gametalbe online - like it. a little slow but good.

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009
12:33 pm
Writer's Block: Heavenly Bodies
If you discovered a new planet, what would you name it?

It would depend on the nature of the planet. If no nature was evident, then some scientific randomness would be fine, xj512.

Maybe something out of literature.
Maybe something out of Pop culture/science/etc

Maybe just name it Hello, or Hello There.

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
7:49 am
I want to write a novel. I don't think it will be very good but I want to write one anyway. I don't think I will shop it around I think I will just go to Pod printing and get an ISBN.

The question is what do i want to write about. If I want my wifes help I suppose it should be a love drama thing. But I think my heart lies more to the Scifi fantasy. I don't even have a good idea in my head. Eventually I want to run a series of bookswith interlocking story arcs.

I have also through of running a crazy story, with 20 chapters and 3-4 different writers. Make it a telephone story arc and have the story change as each person continues where the previous writer leaves us. We would have to put some restrictions that we wouldn't get too crazy. The other idea on the same vein was to have a story about a person who has ID or two different persona's. One writer writes all the even chapters and one writes all the odd chapters. (I believe it would be compelling. Especially if the two writers had extreem differneces in thier writting style.

My friend Omar is already writing a neat story and I hope I get to read more of it soon. I have not heard from him in quite awhile and I hope he has put some more time in writing.

I often wonder what things I would like in a story, do I want them to be complicated where people have to go back and review or something simple where they guess what will happen next and be drawn to the book because they could, or does that turn people off. How much unexpected behavior and events can one person really take before saying that would never happen, that is silly. Then again it is scifi and fantasy, who is to say what would never happen, or what is silly.

Do you write for the sake of writing or do you write for the sake of franchise? Is money the key reward is fame and acclimation good enough. I suppose for me, it is an outlet and the goal is money at first. But maybe it should be the other way around. You often hear it said that the first books are the best then the quality goes down as they are just trying to push out a book in order to meet thier contract requirements. I think I get ahead of myself. I don't even know what I want to write about.

I suppose I would be partial to a far off futue book. I'm fond of the 40k world, but I think I need to invent my own world. Do we address the FTL travel, or bound the world to STL travel? What about communication, maybe we can't travel faster but maybe we can communique faster? That could be interesting.
What about a fantasy book? I'm very partial to the Belgariad, which likely says alot about me. I don't really like many of the Forgotten realms books. I was partial to a book called Wizards War. That had some really neat things in it,and something silly, I believe the mountains got up and moved. (a bit much for me). I never read the wheel of time but I understandit was pretty good. I wonder if I should read it to better understand. I have read the Lord of the rings and though there was some good stuff there it was not so much my style. Not that I have a style. It is interesting to show the passage of time and the changing of the season. Should the book be epic or placed in a much smaller scale placed in a smaller time.

The kids are doing well. Harper was beating Zachary and I had to put a stop to that. But all in the kids are doing pretty good I think.

Things are moving forward. I have to look into re-renting the condo. I am not looking forward to doing that but it has to be done. I have to figure out if I want it to be vacant during the summer ornot. The tenents hinted at wanting to move our in June, but that they were going to pay through thier lease. (ending in August) I suppose I need to do some research.

Current Mood: tired
Monday, April 6th, 2009
1:51 pm
Right Tools for the job
It is very important to have the right tools.

It is important not to be a tool.

It is life that needs improvmenet

It is Mine that I am responsible for.

Anywho, I was helping out the F/inlaw and we were digging holes for the fence posts. We were getting things done. but our tools were not working properly. We had a two person auger that worked great but was spitting gass and crap all over the place and wasn't working right, though did the job we needed it too. We gave up on it eventually.
We used the tractor auger, but it had a spike at the tip and would not penetrate the hard ground. Needed a bit that would dig. I was a bit respectful of the augor, the u join was exposed and if a piece of clothing got caught, you were not going to be in a happy place.

I'm told we have a new auger bit. That should help.

Anywho, remember to sharpen yourself. Don't be anyones tool, but your body your mind and your life can be sharpened. hack your life, sharpen it and anything you apply yourself to, will be that much easier.
Thursday, April 2nd, 2009
11:22 pm
time and effort
Why do I often think of posting when I have no time or I am extremely tired.

I still need to get up tomorrow morning. I need to catch some Z's.

Anywho, I went to GA, Atlanta area last week, from Thursday to tuesday. Worked, but I did get to go out and explore a little.

The signs in GA suck. They make you turn 300 feet before the street, and you can only read the sign (name of the street) at about 100 ft or so.

Lucky my milage estimation was pretty good so I got in the turnning lane thinking I should just keep going, pass it and come back, but I estimated accurately.

Go me.

Anywho. I was here and wanted to write something. I should make an effort to write more. I suppose it is just lip service. I will do what I always do. Ups and downs.

Current Mood: signs
Tuesday, March 24th, 2009
11:39 am
Somewhat of a what nut?

In either case I just wanted to say hello to all my fans! Just kidding.

Harper turned 5. He is awesome. As mentioned new boss, but were in a transistion period. We need to figure out where we are going from here.

I was informed my tenets want to move out, they will finish up the term of the lease. interesting. I was really hoping they would stay another year. O well, they are moving into thier dads place. I have to figure they are saving some money there.

I have to figure out if they are going to vacate the location, if we can get in an rent it out with no overlap. That would be the best. If they move thers stuff out and we can get in and clean it up and get it ready to show, maybe we can forgive thier last payment or something. All very good questions.

I suppose we could look at selling, but I don't like that option. Seems like we are moving along in a good clip and if we can get more in rent that might actually be good. I still think it would support 2k in rent. Though what do I know.

I'm not looking forward to summmer in apv. Were were at the end of the summer last year so now we get to experience the full force.

ARG gota go
Saturday, March 21st, 2009
12:35 am
I know I have not been around much. I should have made the time. I have been on PTO/PFL for the last two weeks and didn't get half the stuff done I wanted to. I suppose I will survive.

I just wanted to post and say I am still alive. The weather has been remarkable,and I had a few feelings of elation driving around in my car the other day.

Work has changed the old boss is no longer my boss and I am moving into a new era. I don't know what it holds but I hope things get better.
Wednesday, March 4th, 2009
9:14 pm
Scam or Capitolism at its best?
It seems there is a new auction site ont he block called Swoopo.

There are people calling it a scam. I think it really does fit this, though there are defenders.

Basically they claim you can buy items you win at significant savings.

But the rub is, well lets use an example.

In order to use the site you log in and buy BIDS. You use these bids to take the high spot in an auction. Only the high spot, (last bid) can win, when the timmer runs out.

Each Bid is 75cents to a dollar. (lets use a dollar to make the math easy.

lets say your bidding on a wii console, 249 retail.

all auctions start at 15cents. Each bid increase the cost 15cents and adds some seconds to the time left. 15 or 20 seconds. Once another bid comes in your bid is done, and out of the picture. Lets say the auction ends at 40.15. That means there were 300 bids on this item. Baring the argument that they already have your moeny from the bids, they made 340.15. Maybe you only put in 20 bids to win, thus paying out 60.15 for a 249 device.

But No, 280 dollars were spent on what the company claims is Entertainment. hmmm interesting way to put it. There are many examples where the the actual number of bids from one bidder is more then the cost of the thing they are buying. It is a sunk cost and they would rather come away with something then nothing. Even if they have to pay more to get it.

Appaerntly this is derivitive of the Dollar Auction.
If you get a room of about 4 or 5 people, (even two people) Say I'm going to auction this dollar off. The rules are you have to pay the last bid you gave, the highest bid gets the dollar. If people were smart they would bid one cent and then tell everyone else they will give them 10 cents free, but normally what happesn is one person will bid 1cent for 99, then a second will go 2 cents for 98cent profit. Once each bid gets to about 50 cent range, the dollar has been paid for, but for some reason the poeple keep bidding. The point is at 99 cents there is still 1 cent profit. at 1 dollar its a wash, at 101, your back to paying a penny, (if you win) But depending on where the other people are they may want to offset thier loss.

It is a stange phenominon, that I would likely have fallen prey too.

Anywho, I think the model stinks, and I really really would like to be apart of a class action lawsuit against them. What do I need to do to be a part, do I need to buy some bids so I can claim a loss. Is my lost faith in humanity enough? Why does the company exsist in Germany? It just doesn't make any sense.

Current Mood: how dare they
1:17 pm
Some very strange Shift is going on
I just found out that Thom Heartman has left Air America (media?) They parted ways when his contract expired 2/28. I wonder if he asked for more money and they said no. I don't know what is going on.

But something doesn't feel right. Not that I would know.

So he is off working for another company now. They had a good article and support at his webset. More information then from Leykis. It is a strange feeling though.

I may need to research the whole podcasting phenominon and aquire technology to employ it.

so much to write and no time.


Current Mood: what
Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
12:32 pm
Leykis, Tom
So I get back and set my alarm clock and I'm having the hardest time finding 97.1 in the dark. I'm like it has to be right there I rarely change it. I crank it to one side, and then slow slide it over and I just can't find it. I'm like that is crazy. I must be having issues. So I turn on the light and I put it where it needs to be and i'm getting inteference and figure a new station is really close so I start making micro adjustments. I'm like whatever and go to sleep, when I can't find it quickly.

Get in my car hit the preset, and top 40. Wow. I am stunned. They took the station off the air.

I don't think I can even get sirius and listen to LK as I believe this was the core station he broadcasted from. I mean the other shows on the station were crap, but whatever.

I feel certain he will be back on the air soon, but I dnon't know how soon and I don't know when or where.

Ah well, I missed the last days, I wish I could have listened in on Friday. I bet it was interesting.

Current Mood: annoyed
12:24 pm
oh sleep where art thou
So first night sunday couldn't sleep. found this game on newgrounds that is addicting. Space Game, where you mine astroids for minerals. (just to build things to defend your operation) Which doesn't make any sense, are you not suppose to use the mined product to sell to make money?

anywho all the good mines are in pirate space and so you have to build defenses to protect your operation. It is a very fun game. the first missions were all pretty easy, but it took me a few tries on that last mission. (hint, upgrade the battery/Thel/Missle launchers.)

The ring ships can really do a number on you if you don't get those Thels up and running.

It was my Dads bday on sunday. Happy bday dad. We got him some more Twilight zone movies. He thinks he has 12, I think he closer to 24.

Back to sleep, ( i digress) So I woke up and everything went smoothly and then last night the family was there and no one wanted to go to sleep. And Zach was cranky pants and sierra did'nt want to nurse and it was just chaos. Finally everyone fell asleep around 10:30 11pm putting me in bed about 11:30. Two nights in a row. Then there was the Zack hack attack. Lucky he didn't blow chunks but I really thought he was going to. Harper started making a fuss about 2:30pm and the same with Zack. Put the covers on them and pat them back to sleep.
So I'm much more sleep deprived today then yesterday but I am coping.


Current Mood: annoyed
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